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I've been following MAX-OT to a T, and will continue to do so, but given the PH in my system I will really listen to my body as to whether more reps/sets are necessary. Basically, as long as I am completely kicked at the end of a workout then I'm straight. For those of you who are not familiar with MAX-OT I won't get too detailed, but basically its 30-40 minute workouts. 7-9 balls to the walls working sets per muscle group, one muscle group per workout. 2-3 minute recovery between sets. It rotates on a 4 weeks schedule, but for this cycle I will be doing my favorite split Monday-Back/Traps, Tuesday-Chest/Forearms/Abs, Wednesday-Legs/Calves, Thursday-Bi's/Tri's, Friday-Shoulders/Abs[CSVLB]The following is the diet I will be following while on cycle and through PCT:

Turinabol steroider.net

turinabol steroider.net


turinabol steroider.netturinabol steroider.netturinabol steroider.net