Turbolinks 5 tutorial

It's an interesting utility to leverage Rails apps to have an improved navigation experience, I just would not select this as a solution for a new product. I think there are better more modern approaches than what we used to do. You still are going to have to write Javascript, and this solution here seems to not deal with more complicated UI's. Look at React with React Native, using that you can build from web pages to real native components using the same technologies, and a lot of code can be shared between the clients. Look at the new concept of Demand Driven Architecture (check Falcor, Relay and ), this provides a solution to have a single unified API that can handle all the clients at once with great performance, by delivering just the necessary data. Those ideas make it more efficient, more powerful and IMHO easier to develop.

Turbolinks 5 tutorial

turbolinks 5 tutorial


turbolinks 5 tutorialturbolinks 5 tutorialturbolinks 5 tutorialturbolinks 5 tutorial