Turbolink switching power supply

The Apevia Turbolink ATX-TL450W-BK is sold as a 450 W unit, but it can only deliver 240 W. Having a fake wattage is the smallest of its problems: it is a piece of junk that can damage your computer, since it provides noise/ripple levels above the maximum allowed, as it doesn’t have the required filtering coils in its secondary. Efficiency was between 65% and 74%, which will make your computer to spend more electricity than necessary (higher electricity bill). And the cable configuration is a joke, with only one SATA power connector and no video card power connector (if it had, users would fry the power supply as soon as they run a game).

AC INPUT 115V/230V - 60/50Hz DC OUTPUT + +5V +12V1 +12V2 -12V -5V +5VSB 500W Max
Watts 17A 25A 16A 18A 500W

Turbolink switching power supply

turbolink switching power supply


turbolink switching power supplyturbolink switching power supplyturbolink switching power supply