Turboline salad spinner

COMING HOME and feeling good – that's what the EMSA brand is all about. Whether at home, in the garden or on the go: We want to inspire you anew every day – with innovative products, fashionable colours, excellent designs, and the very best functionality. TURBOLINE – for superfast salad preparation with 50% higher rotation speeds. EMSA - committed to leading-edge brand quality for more than 65 years. Sustainability is at the core of everything they do and also defines the entire value chain – starting with the use of raw materials, to the deployment of energy-efficient production facilities, to the very strictest quality controls. More than 400 employees work at EMSA daily to create a world full of good ideas ‘made in Germany’.  And more than 750 employees around the world bring these wonderful ideas to consumers.

Turboline comes in 3 different models – the liter stainless-steel spinner, which doubles as a stylish serving bowl, the liter clear plastic design and a space saving liter collapsible salad spinner that takes up just half the space in the cupboard when it is folded up. Simply press the button, pull the cord by its SoftTouch handle, and everything will be ready to serve in a jiffy, even the tougher leaves of iceberg, romaine or radicchio lettuce. EMSA also equipped Turboline salad spinner with a brake button for stopping the washing and drying processes, an integrated strainer in the lid and a non-slip base. EMSA .

Turboline salad spinner

turboline salad spinner


turboline salad spinnerturboline salad spinnerturboline salad spinnerturboline salad spinnerturboline salad spinner