Tren 100 cycle

We have laid out a Trenbolone cycle to meet each category of use; bulking, cutting, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each Trenbolone cycle will display the proper manner in how to stack the steroid, when to run it and how much to use. Of course it must be noted, these doses are generalized, we cannot account for each persons individual needs and dosing adjustments may need to be made depending on your needs, goals and individual sensitivity to the hormones in play. Further, we have not included non-steroidal items such as Aromatase Inhibitors, peptide hormones, fat-burners and so forth. In our examples here we are only concerned with the Trenbolone cycle itself and how to mix and match your various steroids in-order to maximize use. Further, all Trenbolone cycle examples are based on the small ester Trenbolone-Acetate ; this is the most common form of Tren, the easiest to use and control and all around the superior form we have available.

Dang bro. I like what I hear. (the 10 years and 5 days a week part). You don't need to jack the Test - think - you'll be running stuff in grams by cycle 5 or 6 - it's overkill and your pre-conditioning your body to too much gear and depriving yourself of many more effective cycles at lower doses. How much Test were you running on the second cycle? Also, who has put into your mind that you NEED Trenbolone at this point in your gear career??? We don't recommend Tren on a third cycle - the stuff is not magical - but the sides can be diabolical to the point that you will not be able to even hit the gym because you will be sick and miserable. But, what do you expect Tren to do for you that nothing else will? I know I'm starting to give you the Tren lecture. Yes, I use it myself to the extent that I am a voice of experience and I get to make all kinds of comments about the stuff that are all true from real life experience. So, what are your cycle goals and beliefs about Tren? Do you have a pic you can post? Always a nice touch.

Tren 100 cycle

tren 100 cycle


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