Steroids for dogs ear infection

For dog owners who live in humid places with high temperatures, heat stroke can be a common problem. If your dog is outside during the hot months and you notice symptoms such as heavy panting, swollen gums, diarrhea and vomiting, your dog may be having a heat stroke. He may seem lethargic and will have trouble walking or even standing. Heat stroke can result in a coma or even death if not treated. If you notice these signs, immediately find shade for your pet. Offer him a small amount of water, sponge him with cool water, and if possible, place cold compresses under his legs. Call your veterinarian immediately and let him know you are on the way.

The initial daily dose of ATOPICA is 5 mg/kg/day (- mg/kg/day) as a single daily dose for 30 days. Following this initial daily treatment period, the dose of ATOPICA may be tapered by decreasing the frequency of dosing to every other day or two times a week, until a minimum frequency is reached which will maintain the desired therapeutic effect. ATOPICA should be given at least one hour before or two hours after a meal. If a dose is missed, the next dose should be administered (without doubling) as soon as possible, but dosing should be no more frequent than once daily.

Steroids for dogs ear infection

steroids for dogs ear infection


steroids for dogs ear infectionsteroids for dogs ear infectionsteroids for dogs ear infectionsteroids for dogs ear infectionsteroids for dogs ear infection