Steroids cream for eczema

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I wanted to comment on the Dr. Aron’s approach. I have recently been reading all I can on his treatment plan. If I had learned of this before TSW then I believe this is the way I would have gone knowing what I know now. I went through TSW unknowingly 9 years ago after giving birth to my 3rd child – I had to stop breastfeeding at 3 months due to the severity of my skin. I went to multiple dermatologists who said I had the worst eczema they ever saw. They all wanted to give me steroid creams but I remember telling them that they didn’t work at all. I then remember my sister sending me some nystatin cream (for fungal infections) – I kept thinking my raw painful skin was infected. I mixed nystatin, bactroban, and 1% hydrocortisone cream together. That worked so much better – I still had bad skin but I was not in so much pain and I could take care of my kids. I did this for a few years and around the 3 year mark is when I changed our standard American diet to the all natural nourishing diet and my skin cleared dramatically! The only reason I went back to straight hydrocortisone is because I returned to work and kept getting my hands infected – so I used more and more cream. I have been in withdrawal now for 27 months and feel that I would have been better off if I weaned off the steroids like I did before and focused more on diet and keeping my hands from getting infected.

We use organic Neem seed oil from India which contains at least 300 parts per million of limonoids and is cold pressed with no heat to extract as much benefits without losing its natural properties.
Our organic grade Peppermint essential oil from American contains at least 50% menthol and this can only be achieved under very strict farming and processing conditions.
Our beeswax have been tripled filtered using very fine micron-sized mesh to ensure no impurity without destroying its natural properties and benefits. With the added propolis, it assists the affected area to heal faster by ‘sealing’ the wound due to the anti-microbial action with anti-fungal and anti-viral properties as it also contains special natural compounds such as pinocembrin and polyphenols.

Steroids cream for eczema

steroids cream for eczema


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