Oral steroid for eczema side effects

How does eczema start? I had one regular blister on my foot that would not heal. Within 2 weeks, I had many tiny blisters. The initial blister did heal. I have been dealing with these blisters for 5 months now. I went to the doc 3 times. The last specialist said I am experiencing stress…which I am, which makes the eczema worse. She said leather shoes are better than tennis shoes. She told me to stay hydrated inside and out. She prescribed me a cream that I took to reduce the inflammation, but I try not to use. I wear socks with everything to avoid friction on my feet. I am on my feet most of the work day. Even power walking gives me blisters and irritates the tiny blisters. I miss my feet. I was eating healthy prior to all this…it is a struggle now, just balancing all of life’s demands. I am glad to find your blog. Any helpful advice welcomed.

• Protect and improve skin barrier. Apply thick cream based or ointment based moisturiser at least twice a day. Avoid products with fragrances and plant extracts. Avoid irritants such as soap, shampoos, prickly materials, heat, friction and long hot showers.
• Control inflammation with intermittent courses of appropriate topical steroids . Weak topical steroids are used on the face, under arms and groins and stronger steroids are used elsewhere. Topical calcineurin inhibitor is also helpful.
• Cool compresses will calm the itch quickly. Use wet dressing over moisturiser and topical steroid for more severe dermatitis, especially if itch prevents the person from sleeping.
• Treat secondary bacterial infection with bleach baths, mupirocin ointment or oral antibiotics.
• In severe dermatitis, phototherapy and systemic treatment such as oral corticosteroids , cyclosporin , azathioprine , methotrexate and mycophenolate mofetil may be necessary.

Oral steroid for eczema side effects

oral steroid for eczema side effects


oral steroid for eczema side effectsoral steroid for eczema side effectsoral steroid for eczema side effectsoral steroid for eczema side effectsoral steroid for eczema side effects