Oral cancer t stage

Do not let geography, as in the facility or doctor is close to home, determine your choice. You have been diagnosed with a very serious illness. You want to be in the best facility, with the best doctors, and the most current equipment and treatment options that you can possible get yourself into, and you have ONE chance to make the best decision possible. Cancer is very unforgiving of “half-measures”, and it seldom offers patients a chance to change their minds mid-stream. And lastly in this personal, and subjective opinion that I am offering you here, remember that while we all think that doctors are an incredible group of individuals, some think that they have THE answer. There is no single doctor out there with THE ONLY ANSWER. Here I will leave you with a lighter thought. There is a distinct difference between God and a doctor, and that is that God knows he is not a doctor.

Oral cancer t stage

oral cancer t stage


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