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Jean ClaudeJean-Claude Van Damme has been married  five times and divorced four. His first wife was Maria Rodriguez from Venezuelan. She was born in born 1954 and they separated in 1981 when Van Damme moved to the US. 

The second wife was  Cynthia Derdian. Jean-Claude Van Damme married her for one year in 1985. He met her while he was working in her father's carpet store. 

Number three was Gladys Portugues. Married her in 1986. She was a bodybuilder. They separated in July 1992. 

On 3  February 1994 Van Damme married for the fourth time, now with  Darcy La Pier. She worked as a model and was born in 1965. She won the Hawaiian Tropic beauty-contest, representing the state of Oregon in 1985.  
Though Van Damme often refers to himself as a loving and devoted husband, Darcy LaPier filed for divorce, claiming the "Muscles from Brussels" terrorized her and their son, Nicholas. She also stated instances of mood swings and physical abuse, which she attributed to his cocaine addiction. Among LaPier's other claims: Van Damme threatened to kidnap their son and leave the United States; he threatened to kill one of her lawyers; and he once assaulted her so badly that she needed to go to the hospital. In Sun Valley, Idaho, LaPier called 911 after an argument with him. No charges were filed. In 1996 their divorce was finalized and a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge granted LaPier custody of their son and Jean ClaudeJean-Claude Van Damme was ordered to pay $27,000 a month in child support and $85,000 a month in spousal support. It was one of the largest litigated child support awards ever handed. On the other hand, once in Bali, Van Damme claims, LaPier attacked him with an end table. Anyway. Darcy LaPier does not like Van Damme anymore. 

Van Damme's parents did not approve of LaPier. "We told him, marriage, don't do it," says his father. "Not a good woman for you," his mother warned him. Van Damme's mother, a vital, statuesque woman who used to run a flower shop in Brussels, is very positive about his son. " Jean-Claude Van Damme is a very family man ", she once said. Jean-Claude Van Damme visited the family in Europe as often as he could (his older sister, Veronique, owns a hair salon in Belgium) and flew them to his various movie sets around the world. 

Jean claude van damme toma anabolicos

jean claude van damme toma anabolicos


jean claude van damme toma anabolicosjean claude van damme toma anabolicosjean claude van damme toma anabolicosjean claude van damme toma anabolicosjean claude van damme toma anabolicos