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Spicolli signed with WCW in late 1997 and became the lackey of his friend, New World Order member Scott Hall , dubbing himself "The Real Innovator" in order to mock Tommy Dreamer (known by the nickname "The Innovator of Violence"). [12] Spicolli later began commentating during matches, and impressed many with his wit, though he was admonished after making a joke concerning the Oklahoma City bombing after commentator Tony Schiavone referred to a forthcoming "bombshell". Hall and Spicolli soon feuded with Larry Zbyszko , with Spicolli stealing Zbyszko's golf clubs, bringing them to the ring, and breaking them over his knee while Hall made sarcastic comments on the mic. [12] This resulted in a match between Spicolli and Zbyszko being booked for SuperBrawl VIII on February 22, 1998. [12] However, the match never took place due to Louie Spicolli's death one week before the match.

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Iwf worlds steroids

iwf worlds steroids