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I like kids (not in a LionMaker way though lol). Kids are kids and if they're cunts, you kinda give em a pass cus they're kids. But the head of the Maths department in the second school and the vice principal in that school, I have no good words to say about them (the vice principal was impressive in some ways, truth be told, but the head of the Maths Department, none whatsoever). And I don't say that because they were responsible for my firing, I'm not bitter about that at all, it's just my honest take on their characters.

That's not inappropriate at all. I was training to be a teacher, but I failed my last placement cus the guy there was an arsehole and didn't like that I would take his suggestions (which I didn't take because when I saw him doing the thing he suggested to me, I would talk to the kids and they all told me it as super easy, they weren't learning anything, not fun, not challenging etc. It was a tarsia puzzle, which can be done by process of elimination. I think learning maths by something where process of elimination is possible is a fucking TERRIBLE idea). In my final meeting, my main criticism was that I wouldn't listen to feedback. I see it as I took feedback from the kids, but tat doesn't count for shit. Passing your teaching qualification is more about kissing the arse of the one guy who makes the final judgement on whether you pas or not. There was a Newly Qualified Teacher working there who had recently passed and I've never seen a more chaotic, less productive classroom environment than in his. But he must've kissed a nice bit of arse because lo an behold, this useless fat bastard landed a teaching job!

Health4thought steroids

health4thought steroids


health4thought steroidshealth4thought steroids