East german jacket

To fit chest (advised): S 35"-38", M 37"-40", L 39"-42", XL 41"-44'', XXL 43"-46", 3XL 44"-47", 4XL 46"-49'', 5XL 47"-50", 6XL 49"-52".

Comfortable and warm winter jacket modeled based on the jacket originally used by National People's Army, the army of former East Germany.
The jacket fastens with buttons, and features shell in the forest green raindrop camouflage pattern, a stone-grey quilted liner with elastic knitted cuffs and a removable button-in grey pile collar. Moreover it goes with two chest pockets and upper arm pockets, both with flaps and button closures, two slanted front pockets and one inside pocket as well as a hidden drawstring waist and adjustable button wrist straps. What is more the jacket has multipurpose loops just above the arm pockets and near the shoulders for attaching camouflage materials.

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East german jacket

east german jacket


east german jacketeast german jacketeast german jacketeast german jacketeast german jacket