East german figure skater

Full name: Tobias Schröter
Gender: Male
Height: 6-0 (183 cm)
Weight: 168 lbs (76 kg)
Born: May 12 , 1964 in Dresden, Sachsen, Germany
Affiliations: SC Einheit Dresden, Dresden (GER)
Country:   East Germany
Sport: Figure Skating Biography Tobias Schröter had the following placements at major international championships - Pairs: 1984 World Championships (9th); 1984 European Championships (6th) (with [Babette Preußler] [GDR]). 1986 World Championships (9th); 1986 European Championships (4th); 1987 European Championships (3rd) (with Kathrin Kanitz (a non-Olympian) [GDR]).

Witt's taste in figure-skating costumes sometimes caused debate. At the 1983 European Championships , she skated her Mozart short program in knee breeches instead of a skirt. Her blue, skirtless feather-trimmed 1988 costume for a showgirl-themed short program was considered too theatrical and sexy, and led to a change in the ISU regulations dubbed the "Katarina rule" which required female skaters to wear more modest clothing; skirts were required to cover the buttocks and crotch. [5] [6] In 1994, skating a Robin Hood -themed program, she again pushed the boundaries of costume regulations by wearing a short tunic over leggings. [ citation needed ]

East german figure skater

east german figure skater


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