East german athlete now man

Hi Brent, I commend you on the article and great research. I would like to get in touch with you regarding this article. I am the son of Nadija Stavko who was in the 100M and 200M Backstroke finals (6th and 4th respectively) as well as IM. In light of the recent happenings in the news (RE: Marrion Jones admitting to doping and the medals given to the respectfully earned athletes), my mother asked me to look into this matter. As a side note, we have been living in the States since ’91 and US citizens. I can get you in touch with her also. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Sincerely, Alexander

By the 1980s, steroid use was growing throughout the sports world, and scientists were fighting a constant battle to catch up with ever-more-sophisticated doping techniques. At the Pan American games in 1983, organizers asked West German scientists to set up a lab to test for illegal drug use. It was the first time a large number of positive tests became public. Steroids were becoming pervasive, and all athletes were affected. But while the opportunity to use performance-enhancing drugs was present, there were differences between the East German methods and everybody else’s. Doping in the GDR was different from the doping in the West of the world but it was also different from the doping in other parts of the East. It was German, it was orderly, it was bureaucratic, it was written up.

East german athlete now man

east german athlete now man


east german athlete now maneast german athlete now maneast german athlete now maneast german athlete now maneast german athlete now man